Our In-home Obedience Training Program consists of five consecutive weeks of training for you and your dog. This training program will focus on eliminating unwanted behavior. Each new week you will be given homework for new behaviors to teach your dog. Do you want an obedient dog that quickly responds to commands without a cookie in your hand? This class is for you!

Please note that all behaviors are taught with food as we first teach behaviors using positive reinforcement. Your dog will never be asked to perform any task that has not been properly taught. Basic Training Package includes the following standard behaviors: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Walking on a Loose Leash, Basic House Manners and Good Potty Habits. Sessions can be tailored for specific training needs. Please indicate additional training needs at checkout. Register now and let us show you how you can have the best behaved dog! 

For a complete list of available packages please click on the link below.

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Has your veterinarian advised you that your dog needs to shed a few pounds or more? Are you worried about the effects of aging and mobility? If so, this program is for your dog! Learn how to shed pounds off of your dog using simple and fun exercises just a few minutes a day. Not only will your dog feel better but he will be less likely to injure himself during playtime and be healthier too! Learn how and give your dog the quality of life he deserves! Click here for a preview of exercises!


Our massage and stretching sessions are designed to help relieve joint stiffness and promote healing after an injury and/or surgery. If you have noticed that it is hard for your dog to get moving in the morning or is beginning to lose strength in his hindlegs let us show you how you can help him be restored. This service is also recommended for aging pets that have suffered from knee or other joint injuries. Active dogs will benefit from these techniques also to increase their active years. 

Relaxing tired or sore muscles will further reduce risk, severity and frequency of potential injuries. We use a series of non invasive and painless strokes which release tension from the fibrous bands of the muscle. Sessions are tailored for the specific needs of your dog. Register now and see how just a few treatments can make a difference.

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